Sleep Disorders

Sleep and Heart Health

Getting enough quality sleep is an essential component of good heart and brain health. Sleep disorders have been linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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Fact Sheet

Sleep disorders fact sheet

Learn how sleep disorders affect cardiovascular health.

Discussion Guide

Discussion guide

Get the most out of your next appointment.

Sleep Q&A

How does sleep affect my health sheet

How does sleep affect your health?

8 Essentials for Heart Health – Now Including Sleep

Life’s Essential 8 are the key measures scientifically proven to determine cardiovascular health. Better cardiovascular health helps lower the risk for heart disease, stroke and other major health problems.

This checklist includes healthy sleep – a response to the latest research showing that sleep impacts total health, and that people who get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night tend to manage other health factors more effectively.

Life's Essential 8

Support That Empowers

Recovery becomes so much more manageable when you have the right kind of emotional support. Our online community of patients, survivors and caregivers is here to keep you going no matter the obstacles. We’ve been there, and we won’t let you go it alone.

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Getting to the Heart of Sleep Health Podcast Series

Learn from experts in sleep medicine about sleep health and its cardiovascular consequences.

Health Care Professional Resources

Impact of Sleep Disorders and Disturbed Sleep on Brain Health: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association


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